NASGW-POMA Caliber Awards

    The 2019 Caliber Awards

    The 3rd Annual NASGW-POMA Caliber Awards will honor the highest caliber new products in six product categories including the best new rifle, handgun, shotgun, ammunition, optic, and best new accessory. We’ll also select an overall best new product award chosen from the finalists of all six categories. The Caliber Awards are chosen by an independent panel of 18 industry professionals, encompassing hundreds of years of experience in the Shooting Sports Industry. The panel includes wholesalers and media members who stay on top of product trends and innovations year in and year out. This is the most subjective process in the industry and finalists and winners are the best of the best. However, to be eligible to win, products must be submitted to the NASGW Expo New Product Showcase. If a product is not entered, it will not be included.

    To qualify for the Caliber Awards, a manufacturer must meet the following criteria:

    Caliber Award Criteria

    1. Manufacturers must be a NASGW member in good standing.
    2. The product needs to be submitted through the NASGW Expo New Product Showcase available on the Expo website.
    3. The product must have been publicly released between the end of last year's NASGW Expo and the beginning of this year's Expo.

    Selection Process

    All submissions will be narrowed down to a select list of finalists for each category. If your product is selected as a finalist, you will be notified. Voting will then be conducted by a panel of industry experts from the Professional Outdoor Media Association and NASGW to select a winner for each category and one overall best new product. Winners will be announced at the NASGW Expo Awards Dinner.

    Product Submission Deadline

    The deadline to submit products for the Caliber Awards has passed. We are no longer accepting submissions.

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    New for 2019

    This year we will be displaying all Caliber Award Finalists on the Expo Floor. If your product is selected as a finalist, you will need to supply a product for our display case. All products will be in locked cases with 24-hour security on the show floor.

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    2018 Caliber Award Winners

    Best New Rifle: Bergara Premium Series HRM Pro
    Best New Shotgun: Mossberg 590 Mag Fed
    Best New Handgun: FN 509 Tactical
    Best New Optic:
    Best New Ammo:
    Vista Outdoor/Federal Premium Valkyrie 224
    Best New Accessory: Mantix X2
    Best Overall New Product: SIG SAUER P365 9MM Micro Carry

    2017 Caliber Award Winners

    Best New Rifle: Bergara B-14 HRM
    Best New Shotgun: Remington 870 TAC-14
    Best New Handgun: SIG SAUER P320 X-Carry
    Best New Optic:
    Trijicon RMR 2
    Best New Ammo:
    Doubletap Colt Defense
    Best New Accessory: Leupold LTO Tracker
    Best Overall New Product: Mossberg 590 Shockwave

    2018 Caliber Award Winners